I volunteered at the Red Cross

By John Mitchel Arcibal                

12 years old, rising 7th grader

Red Cross Youth Volunteer

One of the best things I did this summer was volunteer at the Greater Richmond Chapter of the American Red Cross. When I first started, I didn’t know a lot about The Red Cross. I only knew that they helped people in disasters, like the one in Haiti.

I have been helping out in the office that works with International Services, Volunteers and the Youth Programs. I’ve been doing a lot of things that a grown-up volunteer would do, such as filing, copies, stamping brochures, shredding, typing letters and articles for the youth newsletter.

My favorite thing about volunteering at the Red Cross is working with all the nice people. I just loved seeing so many people working to help others.

The most important thing I learned from my volunteer experience is that a lot of people take time out of their lives to do small things that help a big organization, like the Red Cross, help people during little and big disasters.

I would say to anyone else who is thinking about volunteering at the Red Cross, “Do it!” It is so much fun. Wherever you work, no matter the department, you will have a good time.

I plan to volunteer again during my Christmas and Spring breaks from school. I also want to join the Summer Youth Program when I’m in 8th grade.

You can read our Youth summer newsletter here.

Each summer, and throughout the year, the Red Cross is pleased to welcome youth and young adults to work with us as volunteers and interns. Some of them are just beginning, while others are continuing years of committed service. These young people come from all over our community, from schools, colleges, churches and non-profit agencies. Our sincere hope is that through their time here at the Red Cross, they learn they can make a real difference.

Thank you,

Reginald E. Gordon, Esq.

Regional Chief Executive Officer